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I am Camille Calvin, an actress and vegan foodie in pursuit of the best natural & vegan experiences out there.


I am Camille Calvin, and actress and vegan foodie in pursuit of the best natural & vegan experiences out there. 

I’m drawn to businesses who are offering new ways to be eco-friendly.  As well as restaurants that make an effort to include suitable options for vegans. 

In doing so, I hope to make these places more accessible to consumers which can promote a more sustainable planet.


Compassion for All, One Bite at a Time.


Share veganism, natural lifestyle tips, inspire conscious & sustainable living, small changes


Embrace the Rhythm of Nature, and Thrive.

Natural Adventures

I’ve been on this vegan journey for 8 years now. It’s had it’s ups and downs. And just when I think I’ve learned all there is about being vegan., I discover something new from health facts to cooking techniques. I encourage you to continue learning about your new lifestyle.

Going Vegan?

Making the switch to a vegan lifestyle is not easy. In this blog I will give you easy to make recipes. My favorite restaurants to visit and updates on new vegan products. I’ll take you along with me on my travels as well were you can discover eco-friendly stays and beautiful destinations.

The road map to your vegan journey


My favorite products and resources.

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